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cg_flashfic's Journal

Code Geass Flashfic
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A monthly Code Geass fic exchange.
cg_flashfic is a fanfiction exchange that occurs every month -- and it's focused entirely on the Code Geass series.

Modelled after both bleach_flashfic and reborn_flashfic, this community's concept is quite similar: at the beginning of each month, there is a sign up sheet. Writers request pairings and/or characters they want written for them. When sign-ups are over, each participant will receive an email with the request they must fulfill by writing a fic of no less than 1000 words. They will have the entire month to write and post the fic -- and by the last day of each month, every assignment should be posted.

All genres are welcome here, as are all pairings -- no matter how strange they might be.

Before signing up for a round, please review the guidelines for the community.

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